Affordable Braces – Melbourne & Bayside

Our Langwarrin resident dentist, Dr Chris, has a special interest in Fixed Braces. And our patient from Bayside / Mornington Peninsula suburbs are always curious to know, what do braces actually cost?

How much do fixed braces cost?

We will explain the costs during your initial consultation. We have flexible payment options available and we can discuss these during your consultation. Since Fixed Brace falls under orthodontic treatment, these costs may qualify for Health Insurance reimbursement. We also have Hicaps terminals which allow you to claim your rebate on the spot. If you are unsure whether or not your Private Health Insurance covers your orthodontic treatment, we can provide you with the item codes so that you can confirm with your health fund. The simple answer is for minor crowding to more severe conditions, we feel $2,500- 6,500.00 is a good guide.

Taking up a “Complimentary consultation for ALL the family” will give you all the information you need to assess the options of braces, straightening your teeth.

What are the advantages of fixed braces?

Fixed braces rely on minimal patient compliance. Treatment is generally predictable and fast. Fixed braces are a suitable option for patients who require complex tooth movement.

Our prices are Affordable and on our website, for any way to see.

Dental Appointments are becoming an expensive feature for a young family. At Dentology Dental Care, we ensure all our patients are fully informed of what costs may be incurred at their upcoming dental appointment.

So let us take the feeling of being surprised when paying for your dental care.