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What are fixed braces?

Braces are made up of metal or ceramic ‘bracket’s that are attached onto each tooth. These ‘brackets’ are then linked together using a special type of wire that is shaped with a memory. The treatment comprises of a series of adjustments to this wire to straighten the teeth slowly to form the desired outcome.

*A free no obligation one-on-one information session is available to learn more about the fixed braces procedure. Prices for fixed braces may be subject to change without notice. A dental examination is required prior to treatment where one of our dentists will conduct an initial examination, orthodontic assessment, explain your treatment options, and perform diagnostic work. You may also be recommended to have a hygiene appointment. The Diagnostic work up includes a work up appointment using the latest 3Shape digital scanning technology and also includes an OPG, lateral ceph and photographs.


Approximate Time 6 – 12 months 12 – 18 months 18 + months
Diagnostic Work Up Value at $300 Included Included Included
Teeth Whitening
Valued at $250
Included Included Included
Retainers Valued at $450 Included Included Included
Fixed Metal Braces $2,550 $3,650 $6,550


How much does fixed braces cost?

We will explain the costs during your initial consultation. We have flexible payment options available and we can discuss these during your consultation. Since Fixed Brace falls under orthodontic treatment, these costs may qualify for Health Insurance reimbursement. We also have Hicaps terminals which allow you to claim
your rebate on the spot. If you are unsure whether or not your Private Health Insurance covers your orthodontic treatment, we can provide you with the item codes so that you can confirm with your health fund.


What are the advantages of fixed braces?

Fixed braces rely on minimal patient compliance. Treatment is generally predictable and fast. Fixed braces are a suitable option for patients who require complex tooth movement.


What are the steps involved with this as a treatment option?

  • Step 1: Book in for your free information session: Our Treatment Coordinators will give you general information about the Fixed Braces process. They will also give you information about our practice and procedures.
  • Step 2: Dental Examination: At your examination appointment, your dentist will conduct a full examination, orthodontic assessment and begin the process of radiographic  x-rays. They will explain the various treatment options for straightening your teeth and discuss the pros, cons and risk factors of these options. You may also have x- rays, photographs and digital impressions taken to help create a treatment plan for straightening your teeth.
  • Step 3: Create your treatment plan: Dr Zayed will then use the diagnostic information to further assess your situation virtually, and begin to create a treatment plan using the 3-D computer imaging technology.
  • Step 4: Once the treatment plan is created, you will be invited to attend an appointment with our Treatment Coordinator and Dr Zayed. The treatment plan will be presented to you for review. You will be able to ask the Treatment Coordinator general questions about payments and the process. At this appointment, we will be able to answer any clinical questions you may have.
  • Step 5: If you choose to accept your treatment plan, you will receive a Fixed Braces Contract, which includes payment information as well an informed consent document. We will not proceed with your treatment until we are satisfied you are fully aware of your treatment options and that you have consented to proceed.
  • Step 6: Treatment Commences: About every 4-8 weeks, depending on your situation, you will visit our clinic to ensure your treatment is progressing properly. These appointments take about 30-45 minutes each.
  • Step 7: Once you complete your treatment, it is extremely important for retention to take place. You will be required to use retainers ongoing as a way to retain your treatment results. You will be responsible for scheduling follow up review appointments.

Are there foods I cannot eat while I have fixed braces?

Yes. Patients should avoid sticky foods such as bubble-gum, toffee and chocolate bars with nuts and caramel.Hard foods like nuts, ice and raw vegetables should also be avoided as these can dislodge the brackets.

Do fixed braces hurt?

It is normal to experience tenderness and discomfort of your teeth and mouth. This discomfort normally takes about 7-10 days to subside.

How long will it take to complete treatment?

Generally treatment lasts from 6 to 24 months depending on complexity. Every treatment is specific to the individual patient and your dental clinician can provide you with an approximate timeframe during your examination and orthodontic assessment.


How do I clean my teeth with fixed braces?

Your dental clinician will provide you with specific oral hygiene instructions. Small inter-dental brushes are recommended to assist with cleaning around the brackets. During orthodontic treatment, patients have an increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay. It is important to maintain your oral hygiene at home as well as attending regular 6 monthly maintenance appointments during treatment and after completion. This will aid in identifying and preventing any dental health concerns.


Will I need to have teeth extracted for fixed braces?

It is not always necessary to have teeth extracted for orthodontic treatment, as each case is planned to cater specifically to the individual. In some cases, a patient may be provided with two options, one with extractions and one without. An assessment with a dentist is crucial to provide clinical advice.


Will braces damage my enamel?

It is possible for enamel wear to occur, however the risk of this is very low. The occurrence of enamel damage from braces is more common with ceramic brackets as they are more abrasive than metal.


Will dental insurance cover any of the costs of my fixed braces treatment?

It may be. You will need to confirm with your health fund. A percentage of this fee is claimable through our HICAPS terminal on the spot if you have major dental cover with almost all health insurance companies. If you have health insurance it is your responsibility to discuss and determine with your private health insurer what your health rebates and entitlements are to ensure that you maximise your benefits.


Do you have payment plans?

We refer our payment plans to a third party for finance solutions that suit you. Put simply, you can review the options and select the best payment plan that suits your lifestyle to pay for your dental treatment over a period of time. Payment plans are automated to help you plan and manage your finances. Payment plans are
managed externally. Our Treatment Coordinators can provide detailed information regarding the current finance options available at Dentology Dental Care.

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