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Cosmetic dentures in Aspendale, Melbourne

Our cosmetic dentures are custom designed to match the personality and look of the wearer. Cosmetic Dentures will have your friends and family guessing if your teeth are natural.

We expand on traditional denture making techniques with an emphasis placed on providing dentures that resemble your teeth before they were extracted, or what you may perceive as a perfect smile.

The denture base surrounding the denture teeth is crafted by hand. The base is carved and textured and then further disguised by tinting and staining with individual colours to closely resemble natural gums. This is particularly useful for those who naturally show gum when they smile. The teeth used for our Cosmetic dentures are aesthetically natural in shape and colour contouring and are carefully selected to suit you.

We ask patients to bring a photo of their smile before teeth were lost, or a list of features they would like incorporated in the manufacture of the new dentures to achieve the best results.

cosmetic dentures Aspendale, Melbourne

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