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Same-day denture repairs in Aspendale, Melbourne

Breakages or tooth loss of a denture can occur when the denture is dropped or through eating hard foods.

However there are many reasons for denture breakage and sometimes underlying problems, including age, worn teeth, or poor fit can be the cause. If a breakage occurs we will check your denture and advise if a repair is possible. We will also assess your denture for any underlying causes of the breakage to help prevent any further inconvenience. We will always try to minimize the time to repair your denture with many repairs able to be completed the same day while you wait. Sometimes an impression is required and the denture needs to be left with us for a period of time.

PLEASE NOTE: Never attempt to repair dentures yourself, especially with super glue. It is poisonous and causes permanent damage to the denture making it impossible to repair.

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