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While-you-wait-denture relines, Aspendale, Melbourne

As a general rule of thumb, a denture should be relined once every two to three years. Relines are a normal part of denture maintenance and important to the health of the oral tissues and bone support of a denture wearer. Failing to reline or replace a denture that no longer fits properly can actually exacerbate the resorption process, causing even more severe problems.

Certain changes within the body like weight loss or ill health, can also affect the tissues of the mouth and cause gum changes and shrinkage. If your denture becomes loose and ill fitting because of these changes it may be possible to reline the inside of your denture and improve the fit and the longevity of your denture.

This procedure entails taking an impression of your mouth using your denture as the tray. The inside of the denture is then relined providing a new surface and a tighter fit of the denture. This can help stabilize the denture and improve suction, as well as fill in areas that trap food particles. This process does require the denture to be left with us for several hours as part of our same day while you wait service.

Your denture should be checked every 12-24 months for function and fit.

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