Affordable Children’s Orthodontics – Melbourne


The most effective way to correct crowing is at an early age. That’s why Early Intervention or Affordable Orthodontics is our most popular treatment at Dentolgy Dental Care.

There are a lot of reasons for one to want a picture perfect smile! Nowadays there are a lot of options to get the smile we had been always dreaming of.  But thinking of braces, the metals and criss-cross wires around the mouth that are totally unappealing is the first thing that will come in our mind.  Dentolgy Dental- Melbourne is one of the best options you and your family can choose nowadays. Let us discuss more on why Affordable Children’s Orthodontics could work for your family.

What is Affordable Children’s Orthodontics?

Straight Smiles for Crooked teeth, we use a variety of removable appliances that are designed specifically for each individual to correct the crowding and allow for permanent teeth, room to erupt into ideal positions. If done at a later age, ( when growth is not on our side) generally braces or clear aligners are required. This then becomes a longer process for treating crowding.

A removable appliance can be highly effective as long as it is worn as instructed. It also corrects dental and misaligned arches. Compliance is crucial if one is to expect success with anything other than braces. In simple terms, we make this a fun process by making the appliances fun and full of colours and personalised designs. This is important when some children may need to wear plates 16-24 hours a day over a number of months. This depends on the severity of course. Different appliances are designed for different problems such as to expand or widen arches, to align teeth or to guide jaw growth and development. Most plates are efficient when used when the patient is still growing. Because we can correct dental crowding much easier and less time consuming, the Orthodontics becomes much more affordable.

The right age to come in for Affordable Children’s Orthodontics?

Orthodontics can be done at any age including adulthood, but it is generally a lot easier when younger. Approximately age 8 is the best time to bring children so as not to miss possible opportunities to minimise treatment and book in for our “Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation”.

  • What Affordable Children’s Orthodontics correct?
  • Does your child have any of the following?
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Thumb Sucking habits
  • Eating and breathing with mouth open
  • Suffer from regular colds, ear infections and has difficulty breathing through their nose.

What are the Benefits of Affordable Children’s Orthodontics?

Starting treatment early means less treatment and overall time. This means less expense and appliances required to align the teeth. And because the appliances are removable, kids will enjoy a comfortable fit that will not interrupt the speech or bother the gums or cheeks, unlike traditional braces. Even though speech may be effected whilst in the mouth, as soon as the appliances are removed for a particular reason ( whether it be sport or a personal engagement) it will stop any unnecessary attention.

How to begin the process of Affordable Children’s Orthodontics?

Please take up the opportunity of our “Complimentary Orthodontics Consultation for you and your family”.  At the first consultation, we will take an impression of the teeth and give you a bulk billed prescription for x-rays. With these records, we will create a unique treatment plan to fix the alignment of the dental crowding. We then predict you for how long the appliances will need to be worn. Sometimes one or more appliances are designed depending again on the dental crowding and moving teeth into proper position. Regardless of how many are needed, we have a set fee for the treatment.

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