Root Canals

Let's remove this discomfort

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is used to repair and save a tooth with infected tooth pulp. Root canal therapy removes the infection at the root of the tooth, removing the cause of pain and discomfort.


Symptoms that indicate you may require root canal:

  • Unprovoked or spontaneous pain in tooth;
  • Hot and cold drinks and foods cause sensitivity;
  • Biting or chewing causes pain in tooth;
  • Tooth loosening;
  • Gum swelling surrounding the affected the tooth; and
  • Facial swelling.


If you do require root canal therapy in Melbourne, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our Dentists. They will perform an assessment and answer any questions or concerns you may have involving the situation and treatment.

During your examination, we may need to include taking x-rays in order to help plan a customised approach for your root canal treatment by revealing the number, size, curvature and the depth of the roots. This will assist in determining the complexity of your case. If you require specialist treatment, we can easily arrange a referral to a specialist Endodontist.