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Meet Joseph Hanna

Oral Health Therapist

Meet our new Oral Health Therapist! 

Mr Joseph Hanna graduated from LaTrobe University with a Bachelors degree in Oral Health Science. Since then, he has taken a particular interest in paediatrics where he is able to practice his passion of educating children about maintaining oral hygiene, and preventative dental care. 
As well as focusing on patient education, Joseph has successfully implemented methods and techniques to complete procedures such as fillings and extractions on children, without causing them to experience any dental trauma that is generally expected of these visits. Moreover, Mr Hanna was able to tweak these techniques to suit adults of all ages. As such, he has become a highly sought after practitioner. 

As an Oral Health Therapist, Joseph heavily believes in creating good dental habits at a young age, which ultimately provides children with the knowledge and skills required to care for their own teeth. He maintains this stance with adults, also believing that it is never too late to improve a patient’s dental health regardless of which stage of life they are. 

Joseph’s philosophy is that a great and fun dental experience does not come at the sacrifice of good dentistry. He will endeavour to make every appointment fun, exciting and memorable, minimising any fear or anxiety. He would love to meet the whole family, and help guide every member to a path of healthy smiles and teeth.

Why you need an Oral Health Therapist.

What is an Oral Health Therapist?

Oral Health Therapists are key figures in promoting oral health in the community and provide a range of clinical services, including dental examinations, preventative treatments, scaling and cleaning, the management of gum disease, fillings, simple extractions for children, dental radiography, taking dental impressions and a range of orthodontic duties.


We are fortunate to have Joseph Hanna as an additional member to our highly experienced team, and appreciative of the knowledge he has gained during his time at Casey Dental Group. If you are looking to continue your oral health journey with Joseph or are a new patient looking for exceptional care, then please ring or book your next appointment online.