Snoring Devices

Snoring Devices

Sleep Apnea / Snoring treatment with a Custom-fitted Dental Appliance

At our complimentary consultation, we will discuss your snoring concerns and provide you with a “home” sleep study “. This service is done at your leisure and front the comfort of your own bed. 24 hours after the sleep study kit is picked up from your home, we will receive your results from our sleep Physician. We can then talk to you about the options of snoring appliance. During this consultation, we will take at “no fee”, a 3D scan of your mouth to enable us to create a printed snoring device from our digital laboratory.
There are several types of dental appliances that are specifically designed to treat sleep apnea. However, it is important to know what you’re looking for when choosing such a snoring device, making sure that it is safe, hygienic and comfortable for your personal use.


Mandibular Advancement Splint/ Device 


Our removable, Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) is a sleep apnea/ snoring device that is clipped over the teeth for a good nights sleep. The easy to use appliance is used to prevent the soft tissue from collapsing into the airway and disrupting normal breathing patterns.  By taking a 3D scan of your mouth at our practice, we are able to design and make a custom made appliance, slim in size, easy to wear, with the comfort of moving your jaw whilst enjoying a good nights sleep.


How does Snoring appliance work?


The Mandibular Advancement Device typically consists of two thin appliances that are worn over the upper and lower teeth. The two appliances are connected in such a way that the device pushes the lower jaw forward relative to the upper jaw’s position. In most cases, this helps to open up the wearer’s airway while preventing the surrounding soft tissue from collapsing on it. The device typically repositions the user’s lower jaw (mandible) by about 5 to 10mm, which is generally enough to keep the airway open. Our dentists may make adjustments, where necessary, to ensure that the device fits snugly and comfortably in your mouth, and also to increase treatment efficacy.
As a result, the Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) not only may help to eradicate the snoring, but it significantly reduces the number of apnea events throughout the night as well as the severity of the condition.




Sleep Apnea Treatment with a Quality, Custom-fitted Dental Appliance


If your sleep physician has recommended oral appliance therapy as a suitable treatment option, our dentists at Dentology Dental Care will be able to provide a dental appliance that is right for you. 



At Dentology Dental we custom fit your device:


Using highly accurate digital scans as administered by a qualified clinical team, the Mandibular Advancement Splint is customised to the precise shape of your mouth as well as contours of your teeth. The fitting can be precise even if you have had previous dental restorative work done (eg. Crowns and bridges). The snoring device is not able to be fitted to patients that wear “Full” upper and / or lower dentures.
By making a time using our online BOOK NOW (below), we can discuss with you all the questions you have about finally getting a “good nights Sleep”.



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