No 1 Trending Cosmetic Procedure

What’s the fastest growing cosmetic enhancement amongst both male and females? Our patients from Melbourne CBD & Mornington Peninsula suburbs allow us to tell you more…………………………..

Scared Of Looking Different And Overdone?

“This is such a common concern for patients,” says Dr Chris Zayed “Cosmetic Injecting and Fillers @ Dentololy Dental Care, when used correctly, are a fantastic tool to address the signs of ageing.”

Less Is More

“Don’t over inject or over fill,”
“Go for a natural and subtle look. Do take advice from your cosmetic injector because they’re the experts who can give you the best advice. Make sure your injector has a very clear perception of the synergy of your face and is focusing on enhancing your natural look.”

Choose The Correct Injecting Practitioner

Dentology Dental Care Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Filler Treatments are an effective way to help prevent the formation of wrinkles. Our Treatments are the perfect solution for smoothing lines and wrinkles around the eyes, frown and forehead.

But making sure, experience in injectables is paramount. Trusting the right person, with the right qualifications gives you peace of mind.

Get ready for Spring and Summer.

Take a look at our fees for you to get ready for summer. Please call us for this special.

 ‘KISS’ Dermo Filler Lips – $350                     Botox Crows Feet, Forehead, Frown Lines – $300