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Our Key Services

At Dentology, we understand that family budgets need to stretch a long way and that dental treatments can have a big impact.  

Smile Transformations

Our smile transformations are so much more than just a better cosmetic appearance. They can be literally life-changing. Read More >

Dental Implants

The first step for any implant is for your dental clinician to ensure you’re a good candidate for the procedure.  Read More >

Kids Orthodontics

We all want our kids to enjoy the benefits of healthy teeth for life. As dentists, we say optimal oral outcomes, but most people just say “good teeth”.  Read More >

General Dentistry

We have the right team, the right clinical methods and the right attitude to get you beaming with self-confidence, health and happiness.  Read More >

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have a hygiene appointment to get a scale and clean?

The golden rule is that you should schedule an appointment every six months. Of course, some factors may affect the frequency of your visits. Some examples would be how well you take care of your teeth, your diet and also your genetic predisposition to gum disease. We’ll let you know if you need more frequent visits for any reason.

I’m worried about my child developing dental crowding or a speech impediment. What’s the right age to bring them in for a dental consultation?

We suggest that children begin their orthodontic treatment once their permanent (front) teeth have appeared. Our priorities are identifying crowding or crooked teeth, misaligned jaws or bites and protruding teeth.

An assessment around the age of seven to eight years is the best time to find any problems. While kids are growing, we can use this time to work with their development of teeth and arches, which is the key to orthodontic success.

If your child is older or in their teens, we will endeavour to reduce treatment times depending on the severity of the crowding.

Do you extract teeth for dental overcrowding?

We are often asked by parents if their child will need tooth removal as part of their overall orthodontic treatment plan. We try to minimise the need for the removal of healthy adult teeth, but there is never a ‘one size fits all’ response.

Those needing corrective orthodontics will require treatment that has been fully customised to their individual needs. If extracting teeth is required, this decision is never made lightly. There will always be a small percentage of patients where orthodontic extractions are necessary to achieve the best results. Assessing the orthodontic problem as early as possible can definitely reduce the necessity to remove adult teeth.

Removing baby teeth is again something we will always try to avoid unless under the management of our clinical team. Baby teeth are our natural space maintainers, for erupting adult teeth. If they are removed, we can quickly lose the space to which may block out or reduce the chance of adult teeth erupting into the preferred position. We always aim to keep any extractions to a minimum and prioritise jaw expansion to allow crowded erupting adult teeth more space to fit.

How do you help anxious or nervous patients?

If you’re fearful or anxious about visiting the dentist, we would encourage you to speak to our reception team to explain how you are feeling about your dental treatment. We can then work together to make your visit as relaxed as possible. Dentology has a fantastic clinical team with experience in caring for the extremely anxious. We can, in some circumstances, offer sedatives prior to treatment to ensure you are comfortable, relaxed and feeling much more confident with the procedure.

Pro-active breathing and relaxation techniques can help to calm your nerves and distract you from any procedures. Your dentist can implement rest breaks and agree on a signal if you feel overwhelmed or want the treatment to stop for any reason.

You can ask for the dental nurse to speak with you or sit with you during your appointment for comfort. If your issue is severe, we would suggest a referral to attend a sedation clinic for treatment.

My child snores and breathes through their mouth. How can you help?

Mouth breathing is common with very narrow upper (and sometimes lower as well) dental arches. This narrowness of the upper jaw can sometimes encroach on the sinus space, causing a child to be more reliant on breathing through their mouth.

While your mouth is a handy backup for breathing when your nose is plugged, it’s not designed for the task as naturally as your nasal passages. Mouth breathing can also restrict the growth and development of the face and jaws.

If your child has these symptoms, we recommend that you come in for an orthodontic assessment to look into dental crowding or a narrow jaw/s.

Do you have options for making dentures more stable?

An Implant Retained Denture (IRD) is a full denture that is stabilised by two or more dental implants, depending on jawbone quality and desired retention. Like a full denture, it is still removable but clips on and off using specialised abutments between the implants and the denture, so it feels more secure. This is a great option for lower dentures and is easy to clip in and out when required, with the added advantage of a stable denture.

All on 4® dental implants offer a permanent solution by anchoring removable dentures to the implants. The denture stays in place while you chew or speak, which means you never have to be concerned about your dentures moving around.

Do you offer payment plans for major dental treatment?

With all our Orthodontic treatment, we offer an in-house payment plan with no extra charges. For more complex dental work, like smile transformations and implants, we offer a limited payment plan over a shorter period.

Can I use my super to fund major dental treatment?

For major dental treatment, we can also help you in accessing your superannuation for payment. We will provide all the written reports to allow you to lodge the application to access your super funds.

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